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How the Complaint, Investigation and Hearing Process Works

One of the essential responsibilities of the Board in carrying out its mission, to protect the health, welfare, and safety of Arizona citizens, is to investigate complaints and take disciplinary action against the few administrators or managers who violate the laws that govern them.

Attached is a list of frequently asked questions and there answers concerning complaints, investigations, disciplinary actions and formal hearings before the Board of Examiners of Nursing Care Institutions and Assisted Living Facility Managers (NCIA Board).  This information is primarily for the public as this is the constituency served by the Board.  However, this information is useful to Arizona licensed nursing care institution administrators, assisted living facility managers and assisted living facility training programs as well.  Click here to view.

To file a complaint go to our portal at and click on "File A Complaint".  Attach any documentation that supports your complaint.  If you have questions contact the Board office at (602) 364-2374