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State Statutes

Article 6 Licensing of Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Certification of Adult Care Home Managers
36-446 Definitions
36-446.01 Licensure or certification requirements
36-446.02 Board of examiners; terms; meetings; quorum; effect of vacancies; compensation
36-446.03 Powers and duties of the board
36-446.04 Qualifications; period of validity; exemption
36-446.05 Reciprocity; present administrators
36-446.06 Temporary licenses and certificates
36-446.07 Disciplinary actions; grounds for disciplinary action; renewal; continuing education; inactive status; hearings; settlement; judicial review
36-446.08 Nursing care institution administrators' licensing and assisted living facility managers' certification fund; investment of fund monies
36-446.09 Violations; classification
36-446.10 Confidentiality of records; release of complainant's name and nature of complaint
36-446.11 Relief from civil liability
36-446.12 Fees
36-446.13 Unlawful act; unlicensed operation; injunction